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VS Ignition Bodyboard. Most popular VS model with performance PE core, Traxian contours, dual EXT stringers.


The VS Ignition Bodyboard is VS’s most popular board and it’s packed with features. The core is PE so provides good flex, feedback and feel. It’s great to progress your bodyboarding as it allows you to flex your board carving to a greater degree and more easily.

You can carve into deeper bottom turns and more vertical off the lips. There’s extra volume in its design so you get extra float for easier wave catching. Also, once on the wave you won’t get bogged down.

The VS Ignition Bodyboard features dual EXT stringers. These add flex characteristic preventing your board from over flexing. As you drive into turns the epoxy stringers will load up then release energy so giving you a performance boost squirting you in and out of sections.

They also give you more control so you can do longer arc carves. Traxian Line Contour and channels make for a clean classic look and practical benefit. The channels give speed directing water flow and bite so helping hang in to steep faces.

The VS Ignition includes deck contours so maximising body engagement. A super fast HDPE slick speeds contact with the wave. A crescent tail and nose bulbs finish the board. 

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