Vans and Michael February Sync Up to Create the Surf Trunk 2.5 Panel

Vans and Michael February Sync Up to Create the Surf Trunk 2.5 Panel

Growing up in South Africa, Michael February’s style is the result of harmoniously blending the world around him – art, music and culture – into one beautiful rhythm.

He represents a new generation of surfing in Africa, receiving global attention for his seemingly-effortless approach, as much as for the new path he blazes.

At the center of his collection, Vans Surf Trunk 2.5 Panel truly embodies February’s ethos and the “Off The Wall” style that Vans lives by.

The Surf Trunk 2.5 Panel features expressive details on the side panels, and ties into the apparel collection, a nod to traditional South African culture and Mikey’s roots.

With a 17-inch outseam, thinner waist band, contrast stitching and oversized side pocket, the Surf Trunk 2.5 Panel exudes style but is also designed to perform in the water.


“I drew inspiration for this collection from a lot of things to do with Africa; African textiles and traditional tribal patterns—just a whole African vibe,” Mikey said. “It’s important to collaborate in this way as Vans has so many rad and diverse riders, and everyone is different. Working on this project with Vans, I felt like I learned a lot but also got to express myself and show my side of things.”


Constructed from a 100% Polyester, two-way stretch material, the 2.5 Panel leverages patent-pending Trunk Lock technology, ensuring that once this boardshort is on, it isn’t going anywhere. Trunk Lock is Vans most progressive waist closure ever; it’s a comfortable, secure fit, that’s easy to adjust – even mid-surf.

Long sessions demand all-day comfort, and Vans Surf Trunk 2.5 Panel is up to the task. No inseam and no fly, as well as low-profile, taped seams throughout, create an anti-rash interior to the short, while a wide leg opening gives surfers a superior fit.


To create beautiful surfing, Mikey has to account for endless variables and consolidate them into one elegant movement in a fraction of a second. This broad spectrum of elements being combined into one also happens to be how one of his favorite types of music, African Poly-Rhythmic, is created. This music is created through a technique called syncopation, the combination of multiple beats and rhythms. To hear some of the music that’s inspired Mikey, visit his handpicked Vans' Spotify playlist. 

Three footwear styles complement the pack: the UltraRange EXO SE and SK8-Hi 138 Decon SF in black/military, and the Classic Slip-On SF in black/olive with coordinating artwork from the Surf Trunk 2.5 Panel.




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