The Upsides to Downsized Surf

The Upsides to Downsized Surf

The Upsides to Downsized Surf

The global surf forecast is in constant flux, but one thing is quite certain: there are way more down-sized days than up. Fortunately, Channel Islands Surfboards has three different models to remedy the realities of small or junky surf: Neck Beard 2, CI Fish & Rocket Wide.

Watch CI Teamriders Wade Goodall, Reef Heazlewood, Soli Bailey, Kai Otton & Connor O’Leary demonstrate just how fun and versatile these models are when the surf is not all-time. What's great about all three is that you have a board that addresses smaller surf very well, but if you show up and the waves are way better than expected you won't be bummed!

But how to choose, you ask?

Neck Beard 2:

The brainchild of Dane Reynolds, the Neck Beard 2 is a crisp turning, high-performance board that features a single concave and moderate rocker profile well suited for tight, quick arcs but also lends itself to approach air sections with ease—and its wider tail makes for easier landings.

CI Fish:

Our Next Gen “fish” shape is geared for cruisey, longer lines but because of its thinned-out updates from earlier classic fish designs it provides added performance characteristics that can energize your average grovel sesh one day then have you screaming down-the-line on clean, head high points the next.

The CI Fish performs best with our new CI AMK Futures keel fin template—inspired by a classic outline, they have a modern rake shape, graduated tip flex and flat inside foils.

Rocket Wide:

This may be the most versatile of the three. The Rocket Wide has everything you love in a good performance board's tail surfing characteristics but seamlessly employs the paddle power and lower entry rocker of a classic groveler. This single-to-double concave design can be enjoyed as a three-fin, four-fin and two-plus-one, helping surfers easily adapt to the changing conditions.

For more info on these three designs that deliver in several big ways, see your local Surf Shop or go to

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