The Shaping Room, Spine-Tek

The Shaping Room, Spine-Tek

Channel Islands is proud to announce their collaboration with Shapers Australia to launch SPINE-TEK; a precision engineered stringer spine utilizing a unique composition of fiberglass and resin.

SPINE-TEK is based on the principles of elastic energy, to flex under pressure and then return the surfboard back to its natural rocker, providing surfboards with a more lively and responsive feel. Performance through innovation, SPINE-TEK® is a world’s first with its unique fiber-based composition, delivers optimal flex based performance through the principles of elastic & kinetic energy.

Through this process the surfboard loads up on energy and then releases, generating additional drive, speed, power & flow. Weighing a mere ¼ of a pound and installed in the surfboard deck, SPINE-TEK replaces the traditional heavier timber stringers and is virtually break free. SPINE-TEK is uniquely compatible with both polyurethane/polyester (PU/PE), and extruded polystyrene/epoxy (EPS/Epoxy).

Video by: Sean Lesh & Sean Stanley

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