The Electric Acid Surfboard Test Starring Stephanie Gilmore

The Electric Acid Surfboard Test Starring Stephanie Gilmore

 The Electric Acid Surfboard Test 2019, starring The Queen, 7x World Champ, and Stab's Surfer of the Year—Miss Stephanie Louise Gilmore.

With the generous support of our friends at Corona, this year's full-length flick is gratis—so take the coin you ain't spending on this gem, and toss it down on a cold sixer of Corona Ligera to share amongst friends while viewing.

(We recommend this year's film be washed down by no less than two cold ones over the thirty-three minutes.)

Shot in Mozambique, and filmed by Stab's dangerous arsenal of lensman Dylan Roberts, Tom Jennings, and Sam Moody, with Alan Van Gysen capturing all the still-life beauty along the way. And as a cheat sheet of sorts, here's your 2019 shaper's roster.


Simon Anderson Sydney, Australia Brand: Simon Anderson Surfboards Matt “Mayhem” Biolos San Clemente, California Brand: ...Lost Surfboards Shyama Buttonshaw Bells Beach, Australia Brand: Shyama Designs Alex Crews Gold Coast, Australia Brand: ACSOD (Alex Crews Shapes Or Die) Joel Fitzgerald Byron Bay, Australia Brand: Fitzgerald Surfboards Simon Jones Byron Bay, Australia Brand: Morning of the Earth Alex Knost Costa Mesa, California Brand: Brown Microwave Television Ryan Lovelace/Dan Malloy Santa Barbara, California Brand: Lovelace Surfboards Rob Machado/Corona x Parley San Diego, California Brand: Machado Designs Al and Britt Merrick Santa Barbara, California Brand: Channel Islands Surfboards Mark Richards Newcastle, Australia Brand: MR Designs Shawn Stussy Santa Barbara, California Brand: S/Double Alex (and Gerry) Lopez Brand: Trimcraft

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