SURFISH - Australian Surf Film-Grayson Hinrichs

SURFISH - Australian Surf Film-Grayson Hinrichs


SURFISH is an Australian surfing, camping and fishing film


We set off with hopes of reaching the Western Australian coastline. We chose this part of Australia due to there being world class Left hand barrels whilst having large species of fish that I often don't have the chance to catch. Holly and I live on the East coast, and had thousands of kilometres of driving ahead of us to hopefully achieve our goals of great waves and great fish. After a long and precarious drive across the country. We made it to our destination.

On the first day of arriving over West I managed to spear the fish of my dreams. A large Spanish Mackerel approached me whilst i was solo diving at sunset before heading back for our first night at camp. Somehow, i managed to land this fish and body surf it in through the reef pass. After many weeks of small and flat days of waves we finally got to experience our first proper swell of the trip. I managed to score the longest barrel of my life. A wave that will forever be engrained in my brain.

On our off days we would watch large tuna and mackerel chase schools of baitfish in front of our camp. My friend Jared and I spent time modifying his drone to hopefully be able to reach these fish that were beyond our casting range. On three occasions we managed to hook fish using the drone. First attempt I got reefed. Second attempt we landed a small Longtail. And on the third attempt the fish we were dreaming of ate my lure. After a long fight I pulled in a large Longtail Tuna. Through many collections of incredible moments, my memory is flooded with beautiful experiences that I will forever cherish and be grateful for.

Thank you Holly for being so dedicated to filming and editing our antics. None of this would have been possible without you. Thank you to all the epic people we met along the way. Meeting new people is such a large part of the experience of travelling. It was so cool to see so many like minded people congregated in the same place.

And finally, thank you Salty Crew for supporting this film. It was great to test their equipment in diverse weather, always throwing challenges our way. I was stoked to have all my clothes withstand the harsh desert climate.

( Grayson Hinrichs )

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