Surfboards with Two Fins

Surfboards with Two Fins


“Be careful with those boards dude, they will ruin your surfing.”

I love surfing lowers on whatever board looks the weirdest nowadays. It truly is one of the best canvas in the world to try any and all equipment out. I grew up on a strict diet of refined rails and three fins trying to get every last bit of juice of each wave I would ride tho, so maybe the shock factor of needing to find something fresh out of lowers bummed this man out. I could see it in his eyes actually. Very genuine with his comment.

Misguided in direction but caring none the less. Surfboards with 2 fins is exactly what it is. An edit based off of riding twin fins of any and all sizes and widths. Seems like twin fins are in. Especially ones that are as easy to turn as your generic thruster is. Almost consider boards like fishbeards and that realm of twin fins your gateway entry into something that might drift you from your thrusters.

Do you love it? Go further. Get more classic with it. Go as far as you can until you can’t actually look good even going straight on the board because its hard as hell to ride. The spectrum of fish shapes is wide and long with an insane lineage of history behind each different kind of shape.

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