Strike Missions: Destination Known | Episode 15

Strike Missions: Destination Known | Episode 15


In this episode of O'Neill Strike Missions: Destination Known, Team O'Neill travels across the map to a little place formally known in the surfing world as, Indonesia.


O’Neill Strike Missions is a film series documenting Team O'Neill’s surf adventures across the globe. It’s all about tracking swell and striking when the time is right, hoping the gamble pays off and the risk is worth the reward.

This episode's power team consisted of Soli Bailey, Eli Beukes, Johanne Defay, Gui Ribeiro, Caity Simmers, Jordy Smith, Winter Vincent, and Noah Wegrich. It's no secret that Indonesia is home to some of the world's most popular waves. But what lies beyond the lineup? Beautiful forestry, wildlife, and plenty of opportunities to disconnect from the outside world and truly enjoy a surf trip with your mates. This is Strike Missions: Destination Known. We hope you enjoy.

Shot by Jacob Vanderwork, Nick Christy, Nate Lawrence Edited by Jacob Vanderwork Photography by Grant Ellis, Nate Lawrence

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