SILVER LININGS starring Jordy Smith | Episode 5 | O'Neil

SILVER LININGS starring Jordy Smith | Episode 5 | O'Neil

Silver Linings Episode 5 


"When I woke up the next morning and realized I had to get surgery, everything kind of sunk in." - Jordy Smith. With the realization that something wasn’t right and the subsequent diagnosis of a grade 3 torn LCL requiring immediate reconstructive surgery, Jordy’s year quickly flipped upside down. Unable to continue the World Championship Tour, his position in the world title race was compromised, and competing in the 2020 Olympics was no longer a reality. But Jordy being Jordy, focused on the challenge of rehab and getting back in the water. Episode 5 is a unique insight into what it takes to be a world-class athlete and two action sequences that are evidence that Jordy is back and ready for 2022.

'Silver Linings' is a series starring Jordy Smith. The episodic journey covers the incredible highs and devastating lows Jordy experienced in his life over the past 18 months. From entering fatherhood to scoring the best waves he's seen at home, to facing a near career-ending injury forcing him to pull out of the Olympics, this series documents the rollercoaster ride Jordy has been on and the 'Silver Linings' that he encounters within his journey.

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