Satori is ‘a glimpse of truth’ or a sudden moment of awakening.

To have the confidence to overcome your fears and unlock your passions you need to be completely present in the moment. This cinematic film, documents a close-knit crew who have dedicated their lives to the ocean and riding the huge waves on the shores of picturesque Cape Town, South Africa. Their passion is riding huge waves at two surf breaks situated in South peninsula, the infamous Dungeons below the sentinel mountain in Hout Bay and Sunset Reef 1km out to sea off the small seaside village of Kommetjie.

While each surfer is surfing these waves for different reasons, the film discovers that there is a connection that they all feel and believe in. This connection is the raw beauty of the ocean beneath them.

Credits: Directed by Rick Wall Produced by Rick Wall Creative Concept & Editing by Rick Wall Supervising Editor Paul Speirs Grading by Nic Apostolis Cinematography Sally Low & Rick Wall Original Score by Nic van Reenen Additional Music by Andre Geldenhuys, Simon Kohler & Daniel Lidchi Sound Design & Final Mix by Nic van Reenen Post Production Logo and poster Design by Laura Wall Camera Gear Photohire & Canon RSA

( kommetje surf )

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