Rob Machado at Hurley HQ

From board design to health and longevity, surfing icon Rob Machado shares his thoughts on the eternal surfing life at Hurley HQ for a special Hurley Surf Club event.


00:00 - 1:23 Introduction and Rob Machado story from host and Hurley Surf Club Coordinator, Patrick Lape. 

02:25 - 15:00 Rob delves into surf filmmaking, and working with storied surf filmmaker, Taylor Steele. 

15:15 -Trailer of Taylor Steele’s new film, Proximity, featuring Rob Machado. 

20:30 - 24:59 Rob speaks to his history with surfboards and his shaping relationship with Channel Islands founder, Al Merrick. 

25:50 - 30:00 Rob goes into detail around his current quiver and how he cares for his personal surfboards. 

30:01 - 34:30 Rob briefly dives into his relationship with yoga, fitness and health. 

34:30 - 37:00 - Rob gets into the Hurley Surf Club and the benefits of taking part. 

37:00 - 45:00 Rob elaborates on the efforts of the Rob Machado Foundation around providing clean drinking water and reducing single-use plastics. 

45:36 - 47:36 Rob tells the story of a recent Baja trip with Taylor Knox. 


47:49 - “How was Sterling Spencer on the Gold Movie?”

48:37 - “How hard is it to travel and do what you love while balancing family life?”

50:59 - “Is there one trip that stands out in your mind. If so, why?”

56:30 - “Who were the iconic surfers that you looked up to?”

1:00 - “What do you think about de-salination and the coastal environment?”

1:02 - “What’s your all-time favorite wave?” 

1:04 - A lucky Hurley Surf Club member receives a Rob Machado surfboard.