Rob Machado at Hurley HQ

Rob Machado at Hurley HQ

From board design to health and longevity, surfing icon Rob Machado shares his thoughts on the eternal surfing life at Hurley HQ for a special Hurley Surf Club event.


00:00 - 1:23 Introduction and Rob Machado story from host and Hurley Surf Club Coordinator, Patrick Lape. 

02:25 - 15:00 Rob delves into surf filmmaking, and working with storied surf filmmaker, Taylor Steele. 

15:15 -Trailer of Taylor Steele’s new film, Proximity, featuring Rob Machado. 

20:30 - 24:59 Rob speaks to his history with surfboards and his shaping relationship with Channel Islands founder, Al Merrick. 

25:50 - 30:00 Rob goes into detail around his current quiver and how he cares for his personal surfboards. 

30:01 - 34:30 Rob briefly dives into his relationship with yoga, fitness and health. 

34:30 - 37:00 - Rob gets into the Hurley Surf Club and the benefits of taking part. 

37:00 - 45:00 Rob elaborates on the efforts of the Rob Machado Foundation around providing clean drinking water and reducing single-use plastics. 

45:36 - 47:36 Rob tells the story of a recent Baja trip with Taylor Knox. 


47:49 - “How was Sterling Spencer on the Gold Movie?”

48:37 - “How hard is it to travel and do what you love while balancing family life?”

50:59 - “Is there one trip that stands out in your mind. If so, why?”

56:30 - “Who were the iconic surfers that you looked up to?”

1:00 - “What do you think about de-salination and the coastal environment?”

1:02 - “What’s your all-time favorite wave?” 

1:04 - A lucky Hurley Surf Club member receives a Rob Machado surfboard.

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