Pikes Bandit-A new surf film starring Eli Beukes

Pikes Bandit-A new surf film starring Eli Beukes

I returned to Cape Town in June 2022 after living in California for ages.

Upon my arrival, my top priority was to check the waves at Misty Cliffs, mostly for nostalgic reasons, because that is where I grew up surfing. As I made my way there, I saw a lone surfer in the water and a cameraman on the beach.

Misty Cliffs is an interesting place, the waves there are consistent but incredibly challenging. It's rare to see someone surfing there, never mind an energized youngster with an attentive cameraman. Surprised by this odd couple, I waited for them in the parking lot.

That was where I met Eli Beukes and his father, Pete. It was this unusual introduction that made me curious. I wanted to know what kind of mission they were on. I joined them on many surf trips this past winter around Cape Town, mostly accompanying Eli in the water, but also teaming up with Pete and filming some of the action from the beach.

I literally and figuratively became a backseat observer. It was cool to witness the endearing relationship between them and I wanted to capture that energy. The final result is this video. 

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