Le vieux monde on rouge - John John Florence

Le vieux monde on rouge - John John Florence


John John Florence films a lot of his life. 

As a pro surfer, it’s something he needs to do, not just to dissect his surfing, but also to feed clips to the hungry masses and keep his “brand” relevant. He’s famous for being selective about which clips see the light of day and which are left on a hard drive, but as is generally the case, many of the clips that flutter onto the cutting room floor are good enough to create something wonderful. Such is the case with John John’s latest YouTube offering.

Created from never-released footage of the European leg of the 2017 World Surf League tour, the 20-ish minute film was shot during the World Title race with Gabriel Medina. John and his team said they used an EPIC X Monochrome loaner from Red Digital Cinema and shot in infrared to capture “endless beach days in France and Portugal.”

It’s quite a bit more than a surf film. And as is the usual from the John John camp, it’s an art piece. ( Inertia )

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