How Filipe Toledo Surfs Better Than Everybody Else & How You Can Too!


Filipe Toledo is one of the most exciting surfers on the planet to watch.

He brings a high degree of unpredictability & speed to every single wave and it seems that World Tour surfers agree he is one of the most electric surfers to ever compete. But what is it about Filipe Toledo's technique that enables him to surf at such a high level? Is it his boards? Is it his small-wave background?

Or is it something in his fundamental surfing skills? In this video, I try to analyse and pinpoint what it is exactly that gives Filipe Toledo his extraordinary ability in the ocean.

I then go through some ways in which you can start to apply these learnings in your own surfing at a beginner to intermediate level. This episode was brought to you in conjunction with SmoothStar skateboards - an essential surf training tool to keep for perfecting your technique.