Egg Salad featuring the CI Mid

Egg Salad featuring the CI Mid

Lograb was a simple experiment that Long Island’s Ryan Cannon tried a few years ago mixing two things he loved: longboarding and hip hop music.

While you only see traditional longboard surfing on his feed, he also loves to film Midlengths which you can now see in his recent edit “Egg Salad” that features Dane Gudauskas, Cliff Kapono and Devon Howard on 6’10” and 7’0” CI Mids.

It also includes some New York hurricane swell rides by Joel Tudor on his own equipment, as well as current world champion Justin Quintal and Kassia Meador on a 7’0” CI Mid that Britt Merrick shaped out of a 100% agave wood blank. 

We’ve received a lot of enthusiasm and stoke regarding the CI Mid this past year. This model is essentially a modern classic design that is mostly egg-inspired, but still fits well within the category of boards many refer to as midlengths. 

Inspired by the clean, longer-railed lines drawn by traditional eggs and single-fins, the CI Mid infuses that timeless vibe with the crispness, sensitivity, and freedom made possible by modern features synonymous with Merrick design principles.

Boasting a sleek yet full template with low entry rocker and foam a tad forward for ease of paddle and effortless trim speed, the CI Mid scoots, squirts and swivels thanks to contemporary features like double-barrel concave, gradually accelerated rocker, and hard, slightly tucked rails through and off the tail


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