ASCENSION - Adin Masencamp (Full Surf Film)

ASCENSION - Adin Masencamp (Full Surf Film)


After traveling the world and chasing competitions for years, South African professional surfer Adin Masencamp, finds himself at home with time to reflect and surf the world class waves on offer.

Directed by Michael Veltman, the film highlights the financial pressure surrounding surfers trying to qualify for the World Surf League Championship Tour, while showcasing surfing in its rawest form.

Starring Adin Masencamp

Directed and edited by Michael Veltman​​ Original score by Lorenzo Green Graphic Design by Wesley Lewis

Additional footage by: Abdo Media Charl De Waal Christian Badenhorst David Clancy Daniel Grebe Dirty Habits Duncan Combe Ernst Ohlhoff Ian Thurtell Grant Clegg Jonty Andrews Lachlan McKinnon Landon Hayashi Louis Di Pisani Lukas Stander Mark Reitz Mohammed El Hamazaoui Nick Sokoloff Keenan Ferguson Kookley Media Jani Kalheit Jamie O'Brien James Jones James Kates James Symmonds Jordan Masencamp Joshua Farrer Paul Daniel Steven Michelson Zac Clarke

Music by Lorry Green - LCD10f33.9 Sounds of Red Bull - Step Towards Tomorrow Sounds of Red Bull - Coastlines Lorry Green - Fading Near INVŌKER - Your Feels INVŌKER - Julia Sounds of Red Bull - Arvo Sounds of Red Bull - Glassy Eyed INVŌKER - Ondulation (Part 2) Lorry Green - Breathing Deep Lorry Green - At The Edge Lorry Green - Tunnel Vision Lorry Green - Utopia (Instrumental) Sounds of Red Bull - Glitter In association with: Billabong Dutchie Surf Designs Pitstop Lodge Lapoint Surf Camps FCS


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