Stomp Wax   Cold


Stomp Wax Cold



Surf Wax ( 80g )

Cold (14c and below)

We’ve been making surf wax for over 20 Years.  We’ve made wax for some of the biggest surf wax companies in the world – and we’ve also made some just for beer money.  Honestly – we can’t fuckin’ do anything else!  But shit man, we do it well.  Stomp, our private label was established in 2007, basically so we could put off getting a real job.  We really just wanna’ surf after all. It goes on like a treat – you don’t need to be a brain surgeon to apply it, it’s just surf wax after all. Check it out, buy a block online or steal some from your local surf shop…

While f...... around with electricity, our man Jamie discovered that if you add lightning bolts to parrafin, you get an incredibly sticky, dangerously awesome surf wax.