Our “Sky banana” sweatshirt is made in Africa with 300g African brushed cotton and is a classic fit. It features our signature banana graphic in sky blue.

This marl grey sweat goes with everything. You may ask, why the banana? Find out here.

60% Cotton 40% Polyester




“Mami Wata” is West African pidgin English literally meaning ‘Mama Water’… ‘Mother Ocean’ if you prefer.

From Madagascar to Morocco, Liberia to Mozambique, Mami Wata is the African water spirit who appears in the shape of a mermaid. It is said that those who she takes for her lovers, return with a new spirit and become more successful and good looking.

We started Mami Wata because of our deep-rooted love of Africa and our passion for surfing. Surrounded by four different seas and oceans, Africa is a continent with some of the world’s finest surf. For the seekers who find and ride her waves we design and produce premium surf apparel, surfboards and accessories, inspired by the continent. Africa. Surf. Nature.

Based in Cape Town we develop, design and manufacture in Africa. We insist that Mami Wata products are produced in pleasant working environments, adhering to decent labour standards and health and safety conditions.

We know the road. Nature can be rough, relentless, even humbling and unforgiving, so you need things that work and are built to last. These are the products Mami Wata strives to make.

Come with us.