RYD   ROAD MOVIE   39" x 9
RYD   ROAD MOVIE   39" x 9
RYD   ROAD MOVIE   39" x 9




Road Movie 39" x 9

RYD knows the art of skateboarding is a direct descendent of our first love, surfing.

That’s why they love bringing that ocean feeling back onto the land in-between sessions, when its flat or when we need to stir the stoke pot up a little! 

So it makes total sense that their salty tribe would have a couple of sidewalk surfers in their quiver. And they've got options to keep the dream alive from the frothing kids to stoked-out parents. 


Our True range has a modern construction with a mix of birch and carbonized bamboo. The transparent grip allows the graphics and bamboo to shine through for an epic finish. And we’ve chosen three of our favourite surf spots as bottom graphics to keep you stoked and inspired for your next surf session.

 Choose the  Good Good Vibes as your surf-skate option (like your shortboard or fun stick), think of the  Drone Ranger as your mid-length (slight longer but still shreddable) and the  Road Movie is your longboard cruiser!

• Carbonized Bamboo Bark + 7 layers of birch
• 7” Paris White Trucks
• 65mm - Aqua Wheel 78A
• ABEC - 5 Bearings
• 3mm Riser Pad
• Transparent Grip