The NMD NJoy Bodyboard gives you performance features in a great Beginner design. The high flex core gives you great carving for big moves. The super flex stringer gives you a recoil boost in and out of turns

It’s got extra volume so it’s easier to get around in the water and catch waves.

Once on the wave this extra volume makes for speed and fun as you cruise on the wave rather than getting bogged down.

The volume comes from a high quality Sealed Air PE core in the heart of the board. The PE core gives you great flex so you can start carving into turns and big moves. There’s also a soft-flex EXT stringer. This helps you really bend the board carving into and out of turns.

The stringer’s characteristics will give you a great boost between turns as your board returns to its shape. It will flex and carve into turns and spring out releasing energy. A premium WaveSlick HDPE bottom keeps the performance going. It maximises wave energy to give you speed so you can get into and out of sections. You can get longer rides and make faster barreling sections.

The NMD NJoy PE Bodyboard also includes an IXLPE deck, channels that aid water flow, crescent tail and nose bulbs aiding grip.  

Colour - Black/Aqua




The very best of Nick Mesritz and his designs.

NMD bodyboards boast 17 years of manufacturing and one of the best reputations in the game. Opening their doors in New Zealand in 1999 Nick Mesritz introduces his first range of bodyboards to the Australian coastline in 2001 driving up and down to showcase his finer works.

The demand that would follow this left NMD bodyboards opening their state of the art production facilities in Java. Through the years, NMD bodyboards have worked alongside, Ben Player, Dave Winchester, Jase Finlay, Pierre Louis Costes, Joe Clarke, Eddie Solomon, Steve Mackenzie and Michael Epplestun in designing their variation of the ideal NMD bodyboard.

Each individual rider adding their own ideals and influence as to shape and performance has allowed the brand to push even further into the future and maintain their reputation as one of the best in the world. Now playing home to the Quad Concave, the Parabolic flex core, the Pro Ride and the interchangeable Stringer System, NMD continue to focus on design and build in bodyboarding. 1999 to now with only development to their name leaves them little to change in their entry level bodyboards alongside their professional levelled bodyboards.