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futures BLACKSTIX F8 L

futures BLACKSTIX F8 L

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futures Large

The Futures F8 Blackstix surboard fin set is one of the most balanced templates Future Fins offer, and the largest in the Blackstix lineup. The springy flex pattern of the Blackstix construction combined with the V2 Foil give this fin a lively feel, making it an ideal choice for generating speed and increased drive in smaller waves while the thicker tip provides hold when you’re on rail.

Future Fins have put asymmetrical carbon panels on the inside and outside of the fin, while allowing only the carbon placed on the inside of the fin to climb completely to the tip. Having this carbon on both sides of the base creates a solid, drivey feel, but with carbon on the outside of the fin climbing only partially up the fin, the fin progressively flexes more as it gets closer to the tip. This gives a snappy feel to your board and enables the unique liveliness that only Blackstix can provide.

  • The Future Fins F8 Blackstix thruster set
  • Construction Blackstix Carbon Fibre
  • Size Large (Approximate rider weight 80kg +
  • Fin Height Side Fin 4.64in/Centre Fin 4.64"
  • Fin Base Side Fin 4.47"/Centre Fin 4.47"
  • Fin Area Side fin 15.90"/Centre fin 15.90"
  • Colour Violet/Carbon


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