futures   Rasta Keel


futures Rasta Keel



Dave Rastovich

Futures Fins and Aussie free-surfing icon David Rastovich, have introduced his signature keel fin, the Futures Fins Rasta Twin Keel. It took Rasta and Futures Fins working closely together for over a year to design the most advanced keel for a twin board. Dave Rastovich has put his own flavor in to a classic Keel design. While Rasta is known for riding alternative crafts, this is his go-to fin for any retro fish design when he wants down the line speed. The Rasta Keel is slightly shorter than our K1 model, with a wider base and overall is right between Futures Fins K1 and K2 keel fins. Incorporating a layer of natural fiber jute there is an undeniable organic aesthetic, while increasing the stability of the base and leading edge.